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Zatoichi Meets the One-Armed Swordsman
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Phim Zatoichi Meets the One-Armed Swordsman Vietsub - HD

Zatoichi Meets the One-Armed Swordsman

1h 34m

Quốc gia: Nhật Bản

Đạo diễn: Hsu Tseng-HungKimiyoshi Yasuda

Diễn viên: Jimmy Wang YuLuna WedlerShintarō KatsuYuko Hama

Thể loại: Chính kịch, Hành Động, Phiêu Lưu

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Zatoichi is a blind massage therapist and swordsman who finds out that something troubling is taking place on the outskirts of town. After discovering who the guilty parties are -- an accomplished Chinese martial artist named Wang Kang and his youthful attendant -- Zatoichi finds them and discovers that the pair's mixed up with a dangerous bunch of terrorist samurai who murdered the boy's parents. Now, Zatoichi must step in to save the day.

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